Instructions for the ironing foil

With the DIY ironing foil you can endlessly stimulate different material. The foil is easy to use and does not break or crack.
The film can be applied to various heat-resistant materials such as fabric, cardboard and wood.

1. Brush your motif on already washed textiles (it can also be used on paper or cardboard).
2. Prepare your fabric beforehand, then the fabric is nicely smooth and the adhesive will adhere better to the fabric.
3. Place your motif on the right side of the fabric in the right place, with the plastic upwards.
4. Place a thin cloth or a sheet of baking paper on top of the application.
5. Do not set your iron too hot and switch off the steam function! Spread with light pressure for about 10 to 20 sec. and always move the iron.
6. Allow the whole to cool completely.
7. Then remove the plastic. If your application does not stick completely, repeat steps 3 through 6 until you feel that the application is completely fixed, possibly you put your iron slightly warmer.
8. Iron again along the inside of the fabric, ie on the back.

Washing instructions:

Wash clothing inside out at 30 ° with corresponding colors.
Spread the clothes inside out and never iron directly on the foil.
Dry the clothes hanging or lying down.
Do not dry in the tumble dryer.
Do not bleach and dry clean.

Instructions for the wall stickers

A sticker consists of 3 layers: the carrier of paper (here the brand name of the foil), the sticker itself and the application tape (thin adhesive paper layer over the sticker). Because the stickers are so thin, they are provided with an extra layer, the application film.

1. Place the wall sticker on a smooth surface. Rub firmly on the sticker firmly but this makes it stick even better to the application foil.
2. If there are multiple images on the carrier foil, cut them off now.
3. Measure and indicate the exact location on the ground to be confirmed. This can be done with painting tape, for example.
4. Carefully pull the carrier foil off the application foil with the sticker. Make sure that all sticker parts stick to the application foil. Otherwise, rub the whole well again. If the sticker is quite large, it is best to remove a small part of the carrier foil first. You then stick it to the desired location and carefully remove the remainder of the carrier foil.
5. Now you can hang the foil at the desired location.
6. If everything is in the right place, you can rub the sticker well with a squeegee or a plastic card (such as a bank card).
7. You can then carefully remove the application foil from the sticker. Keep the foil as close as possible to the surface at an angle of 30 degrees.
8. Rub everything again. Ready!
9. You can easily remove the sticker from the wall, but it can not be reused.

Tip! If you do not want to use the sticker immediately, do not leave it in the tube but lay it flat.

Tip! You can stick the wall stickers on all kinds of smooth surfaces (eg doors, furniture, fridge). These should be cleaned well beforehand with soap, rinse and dry thoroughly. Walls should be smooth and preferably painted with (washable) latex or with smooth wallpaper. A wall that is uneven or painted with calcareous paint is generally not suitable for pasting. If the sticker is pasted on a freshly painted wall, the paint on the wall first has to be evaporated. If the sticker is stuck to a newly painted wall too quickly, it can happen that the sticker falls off the wall because the paint has not yet evaporated. This depends on the paint and the substrate. Advice is to wait at least two weeks before sticking the sticker.

Tip! Before sticking the ordered sticker, test the substrate first with the supplied test sticker! This way you can be sure that the sticker will actually stay in place.

Tip! Take the time to confirm it.